Wednesday, 26 June 2013

In the Pink

It's been a lovely sunny day today and everything seems so much better when the sun shines, doesn't it.  My garden is 'in the pink' (don't you think that's an odd expression?).

There are so many pink things..

...geraniums for example

geranium 3

geranium 2

geranium 1

And roses...

Pink Floribunda

David Austen rose

As well as those mauvey flowers that are almost pink, but a little bit purple, like Verbena bonariensis...

Verbena bonariensis

...and this wild pea that I hesitate to call a weed...

Wild Pea

I cut the lawn today, which is a long, arduous job...

Lawn cut even I was in the pink...

Pink me

...after all that exertion, so I had to just sit and cool down with a cold glass of Rosé!

Rosie, no Lee


Elizabethd said...

That 's a lot of lawn to cut!
Your pink flowers are so pretty. I have a lot of blue in my garden at the moment, which I love.

Knitnstitch Sue said...

Oh, je suis tellement jaloux ! :)

Joy said...

You place looks lovely, pretty flowers. You cool off, Girl!