Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Passing Time

Today I had an appointment with my bank.  In Bellac.  (That's in the Limousin area of France)...

Map of Bellac

The appointment was for 2 pm - and the bank doesn't open till 2 pm (nor does anything else...) so I had to hang around a bit. The bank is on the corner of a junction and there is a little roundabout - with a lime tree and a circular bench round it - in the middle.  So I sat on the bench and waited...

Under the Limes 1

It was a lovely sunny day, but everything was shut and the town was like a film set for Doomwatch... (anyone remember that?)...

Waiiting for the bank to open

It was very quiet and peaceful, but I do sometimes feel that my life is just passing by in this peaceful and rural backwater of France.  So different from England - lovely sometimes and not-so-lovely at other times.

Anyhow, I got my bank business done, by which time the supermarkets were open and I could do some food shopping before returning home.  

This was what I had for my dinner...

Wednesday Dinner

...omelette with chestnut mushrooms, some lovely new potatoes from the Isle de Ré and fresh spinach with cream, black pepper and nutmeg.  Scrumptious!


Knitnstitch Sue said...

Oh, Penny, right now I would give anything for your very quiet and peaceful lifestyle.
I really miss the slower pace of life in France.

If you ever want company, give me a call ;-)

Elizabethd said...

Those first new potatoes, in our area from Noirmoutier, were so delicious!