Thursday, 6 June 2013

Too Hot for Gardening

Yes, today's a day for just sitting and enjoying the weather...

A day to relax

...although I did get a little bit of weeding done on the terrace when there was still a bit of shade...

Top terrace, part weeded

It looked like the right-hand side of this photo before... it's a lot better, but there's still loads to be done.  It's a slow process, but better than using a chemical like Roundup.

The irises don't like the hot sun and are going over rapidly.  The roses, however, seem to thrive on it...

French rose

Rosa Glauca

...and the lavender hedge is almost in flower.

Lavender almost out

The Sisyrinchium too is just starting to flower...


...though the viburnum flowers will need to get a bit bigger before they are truly out.

Viburnum flower bud

Cardigan for Poppy

If you read this post, you'll remember I have been trying to knit a Sasha doll cardigan. Without much success.  I started one with some yarn that coloured my fingers blue, then tried to use a mixture of yarns to make a thicker cardigan, to my own design (more about that another time) and finally started one in a fine cotton from The Doll Works.

I can understand why professional knitters charge so much for their products if they are using a laceweight yarn like this one and 2 mm needles!  It has taken me several days to get this far, and now I am on the final sleeve!

Red-green doll cardigan - one sleeve in (close)

I think it is looking good and really suits the colouring of my doll Poppy, but I wouldn't like to do this to try and earn a living!

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