Sunday, 9 June 2013

Warmer than Wood

Well, just as warm because - this IS wood!  A whole corde.  At least now, on those chilly mornings and evenings I'll be able to sit by a roaring log burner. I LOVE being warm.

All is safely gathered in

As soon as the wood was delivered, of course, the showers started.  I managed to get about half of it in before the rain got too heavy, but then Tim came in the afternoon and helped me to get the rest of it stacked. It is SO much easier with two people.

Tim and Barbara are off to Spain today for a few days, where they hope the weather will be a bit better than here at present. Today is dry, just about, but with those threatening grey clouds again.  I was going to go to Lussac-les-Chateaux to a big brocante, but if it rains the stallholders tend not to go, so I think I'll content myself with a local one at Montrol Senard.  

Well, I'm off to that now, before the rain sets in.  See you later!


Judith said...

Well our fire is on tonight - it is a chilly evening here in Brisbane. Nothing nicer than spending an afternoon splitting wood, then watching it burn with a glass in hand on a Sunday evening...

Elizabethd said...

I'd love to be going to a Brocante! Hope the rain stays off.