Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Early Bird...

Catches the best brocante bargains!

I've never been to a brocante so early before and it really was worth it.  I got some fabulous things for not a lot of money.

Firstly I bought a beautifully-embroidered French sheet...

Crinoline Lady - whole embroidery

...(click on the picture to see it better).

Crinoline Lady - whole embroidery

...I'll show it to you again maybe, when it's come out of the wash.

A couple of sweet Barbie dolls (it was the dresses that really clinched it for me)...

Barbie 1

Barbie 2

This lovely framed Dutch tile (seeing as how I've just been to Amsterdam)...

Framed Dutch tile

...and two real 'finds'...

Petite front
Petite inside

...this child's sewing machine that works on batteries (and it DOES work), and this amazing toy oven that (wait for it) PLUGS INTO THE MAINS!!!!!

Toy oven top open
Toy oven backwith lead

...not that I would ever let a child play with it plugged-in!

From an English stall I bought a tomato plant - an Italian variety of plum tomato apparently that I hope will give me mouth-watering fruits later in the year!

Italian Plum tomato

Well, the rain has held off and, in fact, it is brightening up, so I think I may just pop off to another brocante now!  (There are 3 on today that look good).


Twiglet said...

Great bargains! I love the french linen. x Jo

Elizabethd said...

You've really got the bit between your teeth! What super finds. You can cook teeny tiny meals for Barbie on the oven!