Monday, 10 June 2013

The Dolls Hat Shop

Yesterday I told you all about the brocante I visited at Montrol Senard, but I thought it might be too much if I also told you about the second one I went to, at Lessac- a small village not far from me, but in the opposite direction to the first one!

I was going to go to the normally HUGE brocante at Lussac-les-Chateaux, but on my way I stopped to say hello to a friend who told me they had just come back from there and it wasn't as good as usual.  So, on the spur of the moment I decided to keep it local and go to Lessac.  

It turned out to be a great decision as I met a French lady whose business name is Marilaine and she makes dolls clothes.  Beautiful ones. She makes them to order, but also had lots of examples with her.  I spent a long time talking to her but completely forgot to take any photos! However, I did take some when I got home, although I would have liked to show you how lovely all the little clothes she had on display were - all made in vintage fabrics and with vintage trimmings where possible.  I did buy a couple of doll hats from her - a straw one for my big old doll, Marjorie...

Straw hat for Marjorie facing

...and one she had crocheted herself and edged with bias binding and decorated with some little flowers...

Crochet doll's hat

I had hoped this one would fit one of my Sasha dolls, but it turned out to be a little bit on the big side...

Isabelle in hat

I was disappointed, but decided I could probably make a hat myself, not copying the one I bought, but a good hat anyway, so I set to.  Firstly I thought I would crochet a straw hat - with string.  I didn't turn out too badly, but it was harsh to work with and I made it a little too shallow to fit on the doll's head properly...

Hat for Isabelle

...and I rather thought it would not be possible to pull it back and rectify this!  

Hat on Isabelle 1

I will try steaming it and stretching it a bit, which will make it better, I think.

Then I decided to use some softer yarn and made first a pill-box style and then a brimmed hat, on the same lines...

Pill Box Hat 2

Floppy brim hat close

I was so pleased with these that I decided I would open a new ETSY shop and sell them!  They fit Sasha dolls and there will be some suitable for the boys (Gregor dolls) later.

Have a look at the shop and see what you think.

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