Monday, 15 July 2013

Blue Faced Leicester

Finally - the third sheep! I used an Any Blatt yarn called Flamenco and it was certainly flamenco-ing difficult to use for the sheep!  It is VERY 'thick and thin' and soft ...

BFL and yarn

... and I'm sure it should have been knitted on larger needles, but there were no ball bands.  Anyway, I struggled a bit with the 4.50 needles I was using, but it made a handsome sheep!

Blue-faced Leicester

His face is a bit bluer than it looks in the photos and the yarn is a bit more beige, but he is a bit of a looker...

Blue-faced Leicester close

Blue-faced Leicester on wall

On the potato front, there is another one up today - making eight so far in the Potato Patch!  But the ones in the borders at the back are still outstripping those in the front!

Potato by BBQ abri


pembrokeshire lass said...

I just love him! The colour is perfect as far as I'm concerned. I'm not an authority on sheep...we had cows and cattle! Anyway...he looks good to me. I wouldn't hesitate to let him loose on our pasture! Joan

Sharon said...

He's gorgeous and I can see him now wearing a little bolero and cumerband, with slim fitting trousers, dancing his little heart out to the Flamenco! But then living in Sevilla, what would you expect from me!!!!

Justjen said...

He's very cute! I love the yarn, the colours are great ;-)