Friday, 5 July 2013

How Many Women Does it take to Change a Light Bulb?

Yes, I know - corny old joke.  The light bulb in this case was in my Microwave. This microwave...

... and there was only one woman available - me.

I had already bought the bulb - no problem.  I had looked on Google and found a good set of instructions here.  So I was ready to go.

I unplugged the microwave and removed the cover.  So far, so good.  But there the goodness stopped.  Although my machine was very similar to the one in the video, the lamp housing was completely impossible to remove without taking out a circuit board. The board in question was held in by a screw that went - who knows where? Certainly to the inside gubbins of the microwave somewhere and I had no idea whether the bit it screwed into would vanish into oblivion once I had removed the screw, as I could not hold it.  

It was a bit like looking under the bonnet in an old Mini. Everything crammed in and no clues as to what the order of disassembly might be. I could see the old lamp inside the housing, but it was impossible to remove it, let alone replace it!  So, discretion being the better part of valour, I put everything I had moved back in place and screwed the cover back on.

I noticed afterwards, this little disclaimer at the end of the photo-tutorial:

  • Some microwaves are not meant to have the bulb changed by the homeowner; in these cases, the bulb replacement may be covered under warranty. If you own the microwave, check the user manual and warranty information to see if a new light bulb and installation is covered under your microwave's warranty before attempting to change it yourself.

So - the answer to the question? 

Well, it only takes ONE woman to change the bulb - provided she is an electrician - and I'm not!

Exits, muttering darkly...

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