Saturday, 6 July 2013

One Potato, Two Potatoes, Three Potatoes...

WARNING - This post is vegetable heavy!

I planted these potatoes on the 29th June. Some in the hedge border, two in the Bench garden and the rest in the potato patch that I dug out at the front of the house.  (This was my potager last year)

In the hedge border I did not water them at all and ALL of them have come up!


In the potato patch that I dug (and watered), only one has come up so far and I fear for the rest, as the moles had a field day as soon as the potatoes were planted.  I guess they have some sort of radar/sonar that senses earth that is beautifully soft and perfect for tunnelling.

So far one lonely potato has stuck its head above the parapet...

First Potato in Potato Patch

Goodness knows if there are any other potatoes left intact - maybe the moles have eaten them!

Time will Tell...


Judith said...

I am so curious about your potatoes - we grow sweet potatoes and have a huge success with them! Do you have any favourite recipes that you use the potatoes for...J

Pearly Queen said...

Hi Judith

Well, so far I haven't had enough to do anything with! Last year was a disaster and most of them just rotted in the ground. I said I wouldn't bother again but two things made me change my mind. Firstly, it is hard to buy good potatoes in this part of France, and secondly, a friend gave me a trayful, all chitted, that she didn't need.

I don't have any favourite recipes really, although I love baked potatoes. I don't anticipate mine being left in the ground until they're big enough for that!

Elizabethd said...

We have just dug our first potatoes tonight. They tasted super!