Monday, 16 September 2013

Charity or Thrift Shop Anyone?

I was all set to write a dreary post about the dreary weather (raining again) when I came across Lisa's blog - Tea and Craft.

Reading through her latest post I found a reference to an older one where she linked to a video called Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Now I'm only going to link to it rather than embed it here on my blog, as it's not quite what you might have come to expect from me.  But it made me laugh (always good on a rainy Monday) even though I didn't understand any of the lyrics except the swear words!  Be warned - there are LOTS of them.

Although I decry swearing on the usual grounds - lots of better words in the English language, etc - I accept that it is part of life, especially for those who are *cough, cough* a few years younger than I am. And, if you have brought up two boys you'd have to be completely deaf or senile to not be exposed to it for a considerable amount of time.

But, apart from the video (and it REALLY DID cheer me up) I want to know where that (in the words of the song) bleep, bleep awesome shop is!

Here, in rainy France, we have no Charity shops in my area at all - although I understand there are some in the deep south...

Lisa has created an embroidery based on some words in the song (no, not the '*blank* awesome' bit)

Click on the photo to see more of this talented lady's work.

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Lisa said...

Thanks for the shoutout Pearly Queen! I'm glad you enjoyed my hoop ^__^