Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Topical Baking

Well - for today I guess that should have been Lemon DRIZZLE cake!

Anyway, I had some squashy bananas again, so it was Banana and Walnut - from this recipe:

the recipe

The odd mishap...


...but the cake finally went in the oven.

Ready for the oven

Here's hoping it comes out OK!

The Cook

I've edited this post to add a picture of the finished cake!

Banana and Walnut - baked


Mise said...

This recipe is such a regular at my house that I've taken to making it with half the butter and sugar, and with oatmeal instead of half the flour, to keep us all healthy. Still v nice!

Pearly Queen said...

Oh - that's a great idea. I'll try it!

BTW It came out beautifully (I've edited the post to add a picture)!


Twiglet said...

Perfect - and what's a little splash up the walls now and again! Mine is still splashed with the odd spot of blackberry jelly - It's the straining stage that gets me every time. x Jo

Babajeza said...

It looks perfect!

Sharon said...

This sounds and looks like a really nice recipe, I think I'll try this one...thanks for sharing Penny. Glad it came out so well too!
Hugs Sharon xx