Saturday, 21 September 2013

Indian Summer

Another lovely day today - though we don't seem to get two in a row...  Still, it is warm and sunny at some point in the day and today has been like that ALL day!  I'm grateful for that, as it's nice enough to get out in the garden and do some jobs but not TOO hot .

There are lots of flowers still making the garden pretty - the roses are amazing - the French rose has yet more flowers...

French Rose

...and the David Austen 'Crocus' rose has a flush of flowers yet again!

DA Crocus rose

The asters are going strong - it IS their season -

Pink aster - Audrey poss

And I don't think these daisies are going to stop until they are cut down by the frost!

Tall yellow daisies

The 'Everest' crab apple is loaded with fruit...

View of house through Everest applpe

...and the hazel nuts are falling off the trees, so I guess they're ready!

Hazel nuts

This lovely sunshine has brought the lizards out again...


..and they're scurrying about all over the place.

I managed to cut the lawn yesterday, even though it was a bit wet, and now it's just a question of tidying things up.

When the weather was not so good I made some little lavender hearts for Janet to sell at the next event for the Hope Association and she took the first three back to England when she went for a visit and sold them straight away!  Now you see them and now you don't!  (But here is a picture of them anyway).

Cardigan hearts

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Babajeza said...

Thank you for the tour de jardin! The hearts are lovely. No wonder they were sold so quickly. Enjoy the nice weather like me!