Tuesday, 26 November 2013

T for Tuesday

And today, joining in with Elizabeth, my boisson of choice is my Anti-Stress and Relaxation tisane, with Vanilla.  It's lovely!

The knitting in progress is the Thermis Neckwarmer, in a fluffy-ish grey marl yarn...

Thermis neckwarmer

Yesterday I finished a brown version, in Rowan's Summer Tweed...

Summer Tweed Thermis

Although this yarn is a mix of Linen and Silk (sounds luxurious, huh?) I actually HATED knitting with it.  It is rough on the hands (though smooth on the neck) and has little or no 'give' in it.  I have only used it for bags before, and it is quite good for that.

The finished neckwarmer doesn't actually need the wooden toggle buttons as it slips easily over the head.  (Maybe I should have made the smaller size...) I wish it were a bit more soft and clingy, but it does feel warm on, which is the main point.

The waffle pattern is easy to do and gives it a kind of Aran look...

Summer Tweed Thermis, close

The pattern is here.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Although both neck warmers look lush, I can't stand anything around my neck. Even in winter, I wear tops that are low. It's odd that the yarn is hard on your hands when you're working with it, but soft when not. One of the wonders of science, I guess.

Thanks for joining T today. Have a wonderful week and enjoy that yarn, dear.

Dianne said...

what an adorable pattern...I was wondering if you will be modeling it when finished? =) too bad I don't knit! happy T day!

Sharon said...

These look very nice Penny! We have something similar here in Spain, but they are often made of fleece fabric. They are called a Braga, which if quite funny for me because a pair of knickers is also called Bragas!!!!
Trust me!
Big hugs Sharon xxx

kim said...

Your Thermis Neckwarmer does look lovely and warm, pretty grey yarn too.......enjoy your stress free knitting time. x

Rita said...

Never had a neck warmer, but I would think the soft and fluffy would be more comfy. I love the pattern on the one with the toggles, though. Beautiful! :)
Happy T-Day!

dawn said...

How pretty these are, I love scarves but get in a hurry and forget to put one on. So happy you know how to knit and share with us since I'm not a knitter.

Love that waffle pattern!