Wednesday, 27 November 2013



I finished the mottled grey Thermis and sewed on the buttons this morning!

mottled grey, finished

...and here I am wearing it!

Old Lady in Grey Thermis soft

I had to use soft focus for this photo 'cos I just couldn't stand looking at my wrinkles!!!!!


Elizabethd said...

That looks warm and cosy. I knitted myself one last year (my only knit!) and wear it often.

Twiglet said...

That looks so cosy. I am still making a few crochet infinity scarves for the craft fair. My machine is a Huskvarna Lily 550 - it has served me well but just about ready for upgrading I think. x Jo

Annie said...

Really love your knitting Penny...shame the pattern isn't a free one :-(
A x # 43

Sharon said...

This looks nice and cosy Penny, and I didn't notice a single wrinkle...just laughter lines! ;)
Big hugs Sharon xx

Joy said...

Really lovely knitting and the color and yarn texture are very pretty. The wrinkles, alas, we all get them (sigh!).