Thursday, 5 December 2013

Is Christmas Just a Load of Balls?

Well it is, here, at the moment...

Eyelash ball - orange_pink 2

...eyelash yarn balls...

Eyelash ball - orange_pink

...made using the basic pattern from the book by Arne and Carlos - 55 Christmas Balls to Knit.

I had lots of eyelash yarn in bright colours...

Eyelash yarn

...and I liked the idea of fluffy balls.

I bought some polystyrene balls, rather than try stuffing the finished product with polyester stuffing or sheep's wool, and I inserted these as late as possible in the knitting process, finishing the ball with the polystyrene shape inside, which was a little bit fiddly...

turq_pink eyelash ball nearly done

I also turned the knitting inside-out before inserting the ball, as it was much more fluffy on the reverse side!

For the hanging cords I used some little beaded bracelets I made ages ago and that I always seem to have lots of, but I also thought of just crocheting a chain in Twilleys Goldfingering and sewing that on.


Annie said...

I really love these Penny....what fun.
Annie x

Sharon said...

These are really a cute idea Penny!
Hugs Sharon xx