Sunday, 17 August 2014


Every weekend we go to one brocante or another.  This year  the weather has been pretty awful, but we still usually go and see if any 'exposants' have turned up, and if so - are they still there putting up with the rain?

August being the French holiday month, there are not as many brocantes about, but that doesn't matter. And today we discovered a new attraction - the brocante PLUS the Marché des Producteurs.  Today we went to Breuilaufa (no idea how to pronounce that!) and it certainly lived up to our expectations.

The brocante was good - through the streets rather than on a soggy field - and the Producers market was great.  I had tomato tart and Dan had a steak, which was barbecued for him, and I also bought a plate of salad between us and we had the obligatory chips! The salad plate was gorgeous - chopped up tomatoes - an ancient, very tasty, variety; finely sliced, rindless cucumber with a delicate dressing and coleslaw with a slightly curryish dressing (Turmeric in there somewhere, I think).  This was at lunchtime, but still there was lots of wine flowing at a very low cost, as well as beer and cider.  However, since I was driving on to another venue, I didn't have any.

Tomato Tart and salad

From the brocante I got another lovely teapot stand...

Birds and Plums Teapot Stand

...and was very happy to find some good binoculars, which I have been keeping an eye out for...


We went on after lunch to Cognac la Forêt where another brocante had been advertised, on  This was a little disappointing, as it turned out to be a regular fortnightly one, at the side of a Dépôt Vente building and only had about 10 stalls. However, I did buy a lovely crystal wine glass from one, for just €1. So that was pretty good.

Crystal glass

We had a look round the Dépôt Vente too and I found a fabulous parcel of upholstery trimmings for just €5!

Bag of upholstery trimmings

Yesterday I helped a friend with a stall at another brocante - in aid of Cancer Support France, and there I got an amazing bargain - a vintage Elna Sewing machine. It is from the 1960s and MUST be a collectors' piece.  It is practically perfect, though I haven't had time yet to master the way it works, which is by a knee lever rather than a foot pedal!

Front view

booklet front

booklet open

Plate on side

It seems to have everything with it, including oil and screwdriver in the original plastic bag!


Anonymous said...

That sewing machine is so beautiful! Lovely find. Happy sewing to you.

Elizabeth said...

Not another sewing machine!!

Sharon said...

Lovely sewing machine, I hope you find out how to operate it....and look forward to seeing what you make. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again, I LOVE the things you find at these events, such good fun!
Hugs Sharon x

Louise S said...

The Elna sewing machine is a real find! I think these old machines sew much nicer than the new modern ones. I hope you can do some stitching on it, have a lovely week.

Pradeepa said...

Lovely purchases. I love the teapot stand.

Babajeza said...

Ou! Nice sweing machine. It looks perfectly new. :-)