Friday, 15 August 2014

Fabulous Friday Finds

Today is a holiday in France.  Assumption.  So there are lots of things going on.  The Virgin Mary obviously just loved brocantes and festivals, so there are lots on, today.  In Mézieres there was a GINORMOUS brocante which I obviously just HAD to go to.  The weather was fine, so off we jolly well went.

This is officially a brocante and melon festival, but there were only two stalls selling melons.  As I had half a one in the fridge already and a melon plant in the potager, we didn't buy any melons.Well, by my reckoning, it just would be disrespectful to the plant - which is doing its best. It has had some flowers already, but no fruit so far...

Anyway... the brocante was MEGA!!!!!

It covered the car park...

Broc 2

the adjacent field

Broc 1

AND the lorry park nearby!

Lots of amazing stalls with gorgeous things at low prices...

Broc 4

I only bought 3 things, but I'm very pleased with my purchases.

A lovely old bowl with a Christmas Rose design...

Xmas Rose bowl

Xmas Rose bowl outside

...It has this on the bottom, but I don't know the factory mark...

Marks on base of Xmas Rose bowl

I also bought a much smaller bowl - from the 70s I would say - with a fish and a dove on it.  I love the colours, but again, I don't know the rubric on the bottom.

Fish-Dove dish

Marks on base fish-dove dish

I think it looks Spanish, or Italian, and I wonder if it says "Hand-made by Francesca"

If you know. email me and let me know!

My third purchase was a bag of crochet cotton, with a crochet hook and a small embroidery hoop on as well as several balls of blue mercerised cotton,  A fantastic haul for just a few euro!

crochet haul


Elizabeth said...

What a beauty the first bowl is. I used to love those huge Brocantes, so many things to choose from!

Elizabeth said...

PS, I think the second one is made in Italy.

Sharon said...

I love it when you to to these because it's great to see what you come home with.....and another good day today it would seem!
Hugs Sharon x

Babajeza said...

Lucky you!