Sunday, 28 September 2014

Busy, Busy

It's been a hectic few weeks!  And I see I haven't posted for ages!!!

I've been busy on the La Tache house - trying to get it all cleaned up and sorted out ready to rent out for holidays lets next year.  Today I finished stripping the old wallpaper in the bathroom -the last bit of a long, boring and messy job.  This photo was taken just before the last bits came off...

Bathroom - nearly finished stripping!

Now the walls are bare and it's a matter of washing down before painting.

The other thing that kept me busy was the HOPE Association Charity shop 2-day event at Harry's Route Sixty-six Hotel in Bussiere-Poitivine.

All in all we volunteer helpers spent a fortnight (and a bit of time before that) setting up this event.  On the first day we had lots of visitors and took over 1000€...


...but today (Sunday) was a lot quieter and we only took 500€, giving us a total of 1500€ for the two days. Still - that's a good amount to raise to help animals in need and we are all very pleased.

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Elizabeth said...

That is a brilliant amount. Well done!