Thursday, 11 September 2014

Tidying Up at La Tache

La Tache is the hamlet where I have a second house.

I bought it as an investment and then the market plummeted.  I let it to a friend of a friend and that didn't really work out, so she has left and I'm trying to get it in order to let it out 'properly' for summer visitors.

A set of stairs is being installed...

Stairs opening 2

... and then the upstairs will be insulated and partitioned to form a couple of bedrooms. That hopefully will help with eventually selling the place too!

The downstairs needed a really good clean and some work, and the garden too.  Today I did some work in the garden and put in a rose bush...

Isabelle Autissier rose

...and some little violas that look a bit pathetic right now...


I'm hoping they'll bush out to fill the container!

I was also busy altering a little voile curtain and it's surprising how much time that takes!

Anyhow, tomorrow I'll be back, getting that garden into some sort of order - I hope!


Elizabeth said...

Sadly the 'crash' hit so many homeowners in France. I hope you can get the house sorted out and maybe sold.

Joy said...

but look how lovely it is! I hope you can make oodles of money when you rent it out.