Thursday, 22 January 2015

Eeh Bah Gum but it's Cowd

That is about as much Yorkshire as I know!  Please don't email me to say I've spelled it all wrong!

But it has been that cold today and we've even had a tiny flurry of snow - the soft, fat flakes that you remember from childhood.  I sort of hoped it would lie and I could take pictures, but it didn't.

It was very cold first thing in the morning, with a heavy mist...

Misty view

...which did make it look a little as if we were on the moors.

The vegetable garden was all frosty, as you can see from the top of this Brussels Sprout plant...

FrostyBrussels plant a cabbage dusted with glitter.

And when I put out some seed for the birds, I found two little daisies sheltering in the frost-covered grass.

The Days Eye in an eggcup

I put them in an eggcup with some water, thinking they would open out in the warmth of the house, but they have stayed tightly closed, waiting for the Spring.

So I spent the day knitting Anna's socks, with the woodburner going full blast!

Roaring fire


Carolyn said...

That fire looks warm and toasty. Sounds like a good day to keep close to it. It has been an indoors day here Down Under too... very wet and a chilly 20 degrees (compared to recent temps in the high 30s!)

Joy said...

I like how you just enjoyed the day doing what you wanted to do. Some folks seem to think we need to be out and about and running around to be considered productive. I don't always comment, but enjoy seeing what you've been up and what you have crocheted.

Flaming Nora said...

That is the most apealing I have ever seen a brussel sprout looking!