Friday, 30 January 2015

French Charity

I'm not saying the French are uncharitable, but there were NO charity shops in this area when I first moved here about 8 years ago.  Now we have one in Bellac - Maximum - and some Emmaus ones that I have discovered not too far away.

In fact, I have been twice in a few days to the Emmaus shop in Ruffec lately.  They have some great stuff, and the last time I went I bought a woollen coat for 6€, a variety of other things and a couple of Famosa dolls for 3€ each.

The dolls are like Tiny Tears, and the 'boy' one has had a rather vicious haircut...

ED1 - face

...and is completely bereft of clothes.  I am knitting him a little jacket and leggings.

The girl is dressed in a sort of Fiesta dress - very colourful, and even has underwear (practically unheard of for second-hand dolls!)

ED2 - whole

They both have really pretty turquoise-coloured eyes and sweet faces.


Elizabethd said...

Emmaus in Pontivy was one of my favourite hunting grounds. I found some amazing vintage bed linen there. It was good to know that one was giving to a worthwhile charity too.

Sharon said...

There are very few charity shops here in Spain....none in our town or any inland town that I've visited, but there is one or two that I've come across on the coast. Mostly they stock secondhand clothes though, nothing remotely DOLLS!
Your two dolly finds look quite jolly little things, especially the one in her fiesta dress! ;)

Babajeza said...

These dolls are adorable.

I always check for underwear. Dolls must wear undies. :-)