Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Chinese Circulars

I wanted to show you the sock I am knitting...

2nd sock with Carazy Zauerball

...well, actually it's not the sock that I wanted to tell you about, but the needles.

Can you see that I am using two different makes of circular needles here?  One is a Knit Pro needle and the other is a metal circular from China...

metal of circular - close

I have used the Knit Pro needles for many years ago and love them dearly EXCEPT that they break on a regular basis.  I have broken so many that I felt I had to try some other brand that was going to last a bit longer!  After all, the price of a Knit Pro circular needle is somewhere around £5 - £6 for just the one circular needle.  I have broken about 4 of these in the last six months, so it becomes an expensive process.

Initially I had one or two Knit Pros replaced from interchangeable sets where the acrylic tips had broken, but I had to know who I had bought them from - send the broken needle back and then wait for a replacement.  Frankly, this is not what I would desire from what Knit Pro laughingly call 'customer service', so I set out to find a replacement manufacturer.

I mostly knit socks on two circulars, so my Knit Pros were short and I even managed to find some with short TIPS - and these were less prone to breaking.  I must explain that the breaking here ALWAYS took place where the needle tip met the plastic cord.  ALWAYS.

Recently I found a set on Amazon Marketplace - made in China - that were metal, with a metal 'cord' connecting the tips.  They looked good and were only £11.99 for a set.  Needless to say I sent for them, and they arrived within a couple of weeks which, to rural France, is quite amazing!

I have just started using them - with this current pair of socks - and I AM AMAZED!!! They are absolutely brilliant.  So much so that I have just ordered a second set, so that I can use two of the same in my next pair of socks.

They arrived in a neat little case, and included a crochet hook (presumably to pick up dropped stitches) and a needle for sewing up the knitting.

Chinese circulars

Chinese circulars 2

They are smooth to use with absolutely no 'catch' between the cord and the needle tip.  You should try them!


Babajeza said...

So where did you order them????? :-)

Louise S said...

I have those knit pro needles and have broken three and the dog has chewed up two. Too expensive to replace so I bought some wooden circulars off eBay. Sixteen sizes for $12! They are great, wish I had known about them before I bought my knit pros.

Janet said...

I have the same issues with the knit pro circulars, it's very frustrating. The Chinese needles look longer lasting, I'll have to see if I can get some myself.

Elizabethd said...

Not that I knit, but they do look brilliant. So glad you found a reliable supplier.