Friday, 27 November 2015

Blame it on the Boogie iPad

This lack of posting to Blogger...  No, really,since I've had my iPad I don't seem to get round to writing blog posts any more.  I'm sure it's because the iPad has a virtual keyboard and doesn't give me all of the facilities that my laptop computer does.  Also, I sit on the settee or at the breakfast table (shock horror) to get my mail in and wander through the World Wide Web. Then I go off and do other things and this poor old blog is the loser.

But I do wonder if the blog is just like sending a rover off to Mars, or the Universe, or anywhere.  I don't really know if anyone reads this blog and I guess it may not matter if they do or not - it's like a diary - in fact, you don't expect anyone to read your diary, do you?  So I shouldn't expect anyone to read my blog.

But wait!  I have met lots of friends through this blog.  Should I just stop 'talking' to them? I loved the blog and those friends at one time, so shouldn't I keep talking to them now?  Of course I should.  And I'm going to.

So here I am again.

One of the problems was that I was following too many bloggers - over 300 of them - and I just couldn't keep that up.  So I have deleted most of them from my bloglist - sorry if that was you! If you are interested in the day-to-day exploits of an elderly English woman in France, then let me know. Seems to me blogging is a two-way thing. I tell you what I'm doing and read what you are doing too.  I just haven't done much of either lately!

But I promise to do better from now on and, to prove it, here is a snap of the mist and frost around me today.

It's been sudden, this onset of winter and we're still having warm sunshine most afternoons, but the mornings are a bit chilly! I guess it's to be expected, seeing that it's nearly the end of November!

So - I'm still making my crafty things - I've just made some Christmas Tree decorations for a Craft Market on the 13th December, and hoping that it's not too late for people to buy. You can always find room for one more tree decoration can't you?

Here are some that I made earlier...

I do love to hear from you - so leave me a comment and let me know your blog address so I can read what you're doing too.

Keep in touch!


Marigold Jam said...

Good to see you again. I think many of us have found it difficult to keep up the blogging mojo and like you I think that I wouldn't drop friends in real life so why would I in blogland. But... finding things to say that I haven't already said and wondering if anyone is interested and the fact that you don't always get acknowledgement for comments made and so on makes me wonder whether to just keep a diary instead. I have far too many blogs I follow on my list too and I haven't yet discovered how to delete the ones who have disappeared and those I no longer want to follow which means the ones I do often get lost in the list and disappear off the bottom of the page unread! Hope you are keeping warm - I remember those frosty mornings and chilly nights in France!

Elizabethd said...

We all seem to be saying the same things about blogging. I have had to stop for the time being, and many others are having a break.
However...I do read your posts Penny and enjoy them, a little return to France is a joy for me!

Bev C said...

Hello Penny,

Those little mittens are so cute, of course we can all add a few more decorations to the tree. The ipad is so good for skipping around the world but I do prefer leaving comments on my computer. I guess it might be a age thing.

Happy days.

Rambler said...

We haven't 'met' before - I'm Rambling Rosie from Cornwall - but we have a friend from blogland in common, Elizabethd. It was she who encouraged me to write my own blog, when we met back in May. (
It was originally intended as a mixture of my gardening, walks with my dog and anything else that caught my attention (hence 'Ramblings) but this time of the year there's not a lot going on in the garden; my dog-walks tend to be to the same places and there's a limit to how many photos you can take of sheep, ponies, cattle and my dog! Which leaves the 'anything else' . . . . . and I've got brain-freeze!
However, like you, I intend to carry on and write as often as possible with the hope it will be of interest to someone . . . . . anyone!

Babajeza said...

I've missed you and was a bit worried. Glad, you are back. Have a nice and peaceful time! Regula

PixieMum said...

Oh how much I agree with everyone, I have struggled with keeping my blog going, a few years back I had someone disagree with something I had written a year before, the upshot led to great changes in our lives so my blog is rather bland, I will never touch or comment on religious matters. At least knitting and crochet are non controversial, that is how I found this blog and will be bookmarking it

My blog list was long, when I dip in I find the blogs have vanished or the writer has stopped and I regret not knowing what has happened to the family or where I had something in common with the blogger. I have made many friends from blogging, DH and I have attended an annual blog party in East Anglia, organised by Z of Razor blade of life blog, from that we met some one who repaired our clock.

Now back to the socks I am attempting to make for DH, still struggling after making five pairs but having found Winford Mum aka Christine I am more confident.

Madeleine or Knellergal on Rav

Joy said...

Penny, I read your blog! I'm never quite sure if you are in France or England, I think you travel back and forth. I loved that time when you were restoring that home in France and turned it into a little shop. And you sent me old lace years ago! I used some of it on a quilt and still have some pieces. I like to see what is going on in France... I don't think I look at any other French blogs.

Teacups & Tiskets said...

Hi Penny, I still pop in from time to I me and read. I am prob the worst offender of all as I haven't posted in three years! But lately I am feeling drawn back to blogging, mainly as I have realised the great wealth of memories it contains. I think what happened was that facebookmstarted to replace blogging, but, people are waking up,to the limitations of Facebook as a blogging platform, everything is a fleeting comment in a sea of information on there.
I am predicting a bit of a trend of bloggers returning to their blogs to find a deeper connection than Facebook provides.
I intend to start posting on my blog again, just as soon as I can work out best way on the iPad (I'm hearing you Penny!). I'm looking at the blogs app to see if it makes it easier. Maybe we need to start a discussion on what practices people use to do their posts.