Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Sunshine on my Shoulders

Remember this song?

The sunshine this morning just reminded me of it.

It's the 2nd of December and there's frost on the ground, but the sun is blazing out there and still warm.  In a few minutes the frost will be gone and it'll be like a Spring day.

I took a picture using my polaroid sunglasses in front of the camera lens to show you just how strong the sun is... looks like late afternoon, because the camera automatically darkened the scene, but it was actually not long after 10 am.

Sunshine does make me happy - are you happier when the sun is shining too?


Elizabethd said...

Always much happier when there is sunshine! Somehow the troubles seem less.

Sharon said...

Oh yes, without a doubt, I'm faaaaar happier when the sun is shining. Someone once said to me that to see the sun shining every day would bore them, but I have to say that I'm never ever bored with seeing the sun.....and feeling it's warmth on me. Give me warm over cold any day!
Big hugs Sharon xx

Joy said...

Yes, sunshine makes everything better! One reason I dread winter is because of the lack of sun. Sunshine energizes me.

Babajeza said...

Most definitely, sunshine makes me happy. I had a wonderful chat with my youngest son on the balcony in the sun today! Happy December! Regula