Friday, 22 January 2016

Cycling - 'UP' and 'RE'

Anybody know the difference?  Is there a way that 'upcycling' differs from 'recycling'?

Is this yarn I undid from a sweater 'recycling'...

Blue cotton jumper

cotton cake

or 'upcycling'.

And this lampshade that I am revamping from this...

Lampshade, before this...


Is that 'upcycling' or 'recycling'?

Or is 'upcycling' just a new way of saying 'recycling'?

Anyone know?


Teacups & Tiskets said...

I'm no expert but I would have said that the sweater is recycled, as you undid it and made something from just the raw material. The lamp I would say is up cycled or revamped, as you took an object and did something with that actual object.

Cheers Fi

Carolyn said...

My daughter is one of the generation of 'up-cyclers', and yes, I would agree that revamping is the same thing. Taking an item of clothing and altering in ways that make it look completely different is 'up-cycling'.

Joy said...

Hi Penny... I've thought that 'upcycling' is re-using something and making something even better! But I guess it doesn't matter what word you use. Or... maybe 'upcycling' is riding a bicycle up a hill??? Ha.