Tuesday, 7 February 2017

A Charming Apartment in France

Nothing moves fast in this part of rural France.  Except perhaps a wild boar when the hounds are after it.  But there are no hounds after Wisteria Cottage, it seems...

And now I have listed another property on Greenacres - the shop I used to have in the mediaeval town of Le Dorat - which has since been converted into a charming little apartment.

It may not be much to look at on the outside...

...but on the inside it's fresh, beautiful and very French.

There are basically three rooms (if you don't count the cellar and the attic) one on each floor, excepting the shower room and toilet - which is en suite with the bedroom on the top floor, and the separate toilet on the ground floor.

Let me walk you through them...

You come in from the street, which is in the centre of the town.  From the front door, if you look left you are looking towards the Place Charles de Gaulle, which has cafés, restaurants, shops and the cinema...

...and if you look right you are looking along the road towards La Poste (the Post Office)...

...which is on the same side as the apartment.

But I promised you a walk-through of the rooms, so here it is.

On the Ground Floor is the Kitchen/Dining Room which is fitted with a run of bright and modern kitchen units including an electric oven with an electric hob for cooking and a modern stainless steel sink.

At the back of this room is a downstairs toilet, which is a boon in a house with three floors up to the bathroom!

The stairs up to the first floor are at the back of the kitchen/dining room and lead up to the Living Room.

Two large windows make this a lovely light room which feels spacious and relaxing with its pale walls and white beamed ceiling.

Stairs lead up to the bedroom on the second floor...

...and the en-suite shower room and toilet.

Loft and Cellar

The loft is a small roof space, but dry thanks to a new roof.  There is plenty of storage space up there and sufficient headroom to be able to stand up on the party wall side. There is an electric strip-light and two small windows which are not glazed, but allow air to circulate in the loft.  They are covered with fibreglass loft insulation on the inside, to prevent the cold and small birds coming in.
A ceiling hatch hides a drop-down loft ladder providing access.

The cellar also has an electric strip-light and a set of wooden stairs down.  It covers half the area of the room above, but still provides useful storage for items - such as your wine bottles! A trap door in the kitchen provides access to the cellar.


Elizabethd said...

It certainly is a very charming apartment, and I know from your previous posts just how much work you have put into it. It has paid off! Now hope you find a buyer.

Jason Fist said...

I would call it a little house rather than an apartment.

And there are 'only' two floors up to the bathroom, not three!