Thursday, 9 February 2017

You are Only as Old as You Feel...

...and today I feel about 105!

Normally I don't feel old, although I reached my three score years and ten last year.  But inside, I still felt as if I could tackle anything with the energy of a teenager (although maybe that is an erroneous analogy because today's teenagers seem to expend most of their energy pressing buttons on their smart phones).

Last week I was gravelling the terrace at the back of my house, which involved digging into a 4-ton pile of chippings and barrowing them round the back to dump on the prepared area.  It does look lovely now, although not completely finished, and the only ill effect I had seemed to be a mild ache in the muscles of my back. Not sure any teenager could have done better!

Terrace 1

And then yesterday I drove to a morning course in a town not far from here, where I learned to sew a 'Bits Bag' to hold the detritus of my sewing (it hangs from the table next to your sewing machine, and is at hand for all those snipped off threads and tiny bits of material). Not a physically-tiring exercise, but there was some maths in it...

Bits Bag 1

Today I had a few bits of food shopping to get in Bellac and thought I would go to a little charity shop there, which is sometimes worth a look, although I didn't really anticipate buying anything.  And here is where I left the teenager analogy way behind...

I parked the car and was crossing the road to the charity shop, when the ground rose up to meet me.  A curious occurrence, but it seems accurate.  I found myself flat on the floor with a very painful knee, a slightly twisted ankle and an ache in my chest. I had forgotton that the area the car was parked on had a kerbed edge where it met the road, and, as I encountered it, my foot was in entirely the wrong position, my ankle twisted to one side and I fell like a leaf in the winter wind. Not being quite as light as that leaf, I suffered more damage than a leaf would.  In fact I often pick up pretty fallen leaves and they seem completely devoid of any damage!

Fortunately the road is not a busy one, and it was the French two-hour lunchtime, so there was no traffic.

Apart from the pain, I felt extremely foolish as I scrambled up and limped back to the car to nurse my wounds. I was pretty sure nothing was broken, and I hadn't hit my head or anything, so I wasn't unduely worried - my main concern was that someone in the apartments opposite may have seen my fall and rushed out to help this 'old lady'. My pride would have been well and truly dented if they had.😧

Where I think my feelings at that moment differed from the theoretical teenager is that I was not able to just brush this incident off and carry on to the charity shop.  My body is obviously not teenaged. I felt physically sick and, apart from the pain in my grazed knee (how can you graze a knee and not damage your jeans?) I felt trembly and cold and I really just wanted to lie down and go to sleep somewhere soft and warm.  Is that shock? I guess so. But I had to get the shopping home (some of it was frozen) and that meant a 20Km drive.  I somehow doubt a teenager would have worried about the shopping!

But I did it.  I drove home after a short rest sitting in the car, unpacked the shopping and put it away.  Then I made myself a pot of tea and had some bread and local honey - for medicinal purposes!

So - in conclusion, I think that you are as old (or young) as you feel - until something makes you feel old!


Elizabethd said...

Oh Penny, how horrid for you. What a pity there wasn't someone to help you, you needed a cup of hot sweet tea for shock.
Your gravel looks very professional.

Joy said...

I think you are exactly right. Two years ago my husband and I undertook the scraping, priming, and painting (and he did repair work) of our house. My body got a work out. But at times I have also just been walking along and nearly twisted my knee--then I remember I am not a spring chicken. Oh well, I like what I am. Wow, you did an awesome job on that terrace! Scooping and spreading anything can really wrench your lower back. The place looks lovely, I hope you find a buyer who thinks the same thing.

Joy said...

And the bits bag looks nice. I've heard of them. I should make one, I usually throw my stuff on the floor and then have to clean it up.

Clicky Needles said...

I hope you are recovering. It never ceases to amaze me how hard the ground is when you fall. Take it easy. CN xx

Carolyn said...

Glad you are OK. A fall does seem to take a while to recover from as you get older. I had one last year when I failed to see a small step down from the level I was walking on. Some young students nearby rushed to help me up but were a bit bemused by my need to lie on the ground for a bit while I recovered my wits and my dignity!