Friday, 9 June 2017

Dating or Just Dated (2)

News on the dating front - it's going reasonably well. More on that another time.

The weather here has been weird - very mixed. From bright, hot sunshine to cold, pouring rain; thunderstorms, lightning etc. But that's June for you.

One year we had hailstones as big as marbles!

But not this year, thank goodness!

I have been busy with the potager and everything's going fine.  The beetroot are growing apace and I don't know what I'm going to do with them all...

They are nuch bigger than when I took this photo - about golf ball size now.

Weeded potager

Also I have been eating home-grown lettuce...

Lettuce from the garden

Tonight's dinner

...and it is delicious!

On Monday I planted brussels sprouts (from a friend) and today I have planted out my tomatoes. They are really tiny, and I fear for their future!

The potatoes - out in the back - are doing well too and are in flower.

Oh, and I fogot to mention the butternut squash! so there'll be lots to eat in a few months!


Elizabethd said...

Your potager is doing really well, Penny.
I think you can freeze beetroot to use in salads maybe? Or chutney/sliced in vinegar?? Ful of bright ideas! Looking forward to hearing about the dating.

Babajeza said...

Good luck with both your projects. :-)

Joy said...

Your lettuce and indeed your entire meal looks delicious! We are growing and harvesting lettuce also, but the tiny green bugs are a nightmare to wash away--I've done four rinsings and have still had the little green things floating in the water.