Friday, 7 July 2017

Back to the Music

Always was one of my favourite songs...

Yes, I'm back to the music - silence isn't really my thing!

Today is forecast to be 32 degrees and it's already hot.  Fortunately I watered the garden late last night (11.30 pm) after I got back from the Marché des Producteurs in Le Dorat.

Marché des Producteurs, Le Dorat

Lots of people were there, as usual, but somehow they never seem to see me. In fact a friend messaged me to say that she had looked for me but not found me - and her SO was in my photo! (he's the one on the right in the white T-shirt). Sometimes I think I have an invisibility cloak!

My friend, Janet, and I had a great time despite that, and lots of laughs trying to see if there was any man there that we could face waking up to in the morning.  Needless to say - there wasn't!!!

I baked two cakes yesterday too - I was just in the mood and I had some huge free-range eggs I had bought in HyperU in St Junien that were just perfect for Delia's Cherry cake recipe.  Always a success!

Cherry cake

I also made a Beetroot Chocolate cake (and judging from the number of beetroot in my potager, there will be many more) from this recipe...

Beetroot and chocolate cake

It was really chocolately and fudgy like the very best Brownie you have ever eaten.  I highly recommend it!  I am freezing the Cherry cake, but the chocolate one has already been half eaten by friends!

Well,  I'm off for a coffee at Mon Chic Cottage now, taking the rest of the cake with me for any lucky person who happens to be there.


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Joy said...

Hello Penny, well, it looks like there was a nice crowd there! And Le Dorat looks like a charming town--love those hanging flower baskets! I had to laugh about your comment about the men. Looks like the one poor fellow was melting! What on earth is beetroot? Your cake looks delicious!

Joy said...

Penny, I love that photo of that outside bed on your Flicker photo stream. Is that yours? Did you sleep there? I also like that old oval mirror that is behind your selfie.