Saturday, 20 July 2019

Hip Hip but no Hooray

Well. Roy has had his new hip almost 2 months now but all is not going swimmingly☹️

In fact, far from swimming, he still cannot even walk more than a few steps and is in almost constant pain. This may be partly due to the fall he had about a month ago, getting out of the rather awkward little bath we have here in the new house, which left the hip swollen and badly bruised but not, so the doctor at A and E told us, damaged. Anyway, we have a rendezvous with his surgeon this coming Wednesday and, hopefully he will give us some guidance as to why Roy is having such a hard time of it.

On a lighter note, I brought the cat,  Cinders, over this morning. An hour and twenty minutes of a journey to the continual loud yowling of a cat who surely has a large amount of Siamese in her heritage! But she seems to have settled down well...

and has even had a short tour (accompanied) of the garden🙂

Tomorrow there is a big Brocante around the little lake in the village.

I think it may be hard work for Roy on his crutches, but there  is a Buvette where he can sit and enjoy a glass of wine while I trundle round snapping up the bargains😁

I'll let you know how it goes.  The only problem is that the weather is forecast to be very hot which is not good for walking round.  I think we'll go early😁

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