Friday, 9 March 2007

Friday March 9th

What a day! Packing again, sorting out removal insurance, sorting out the arrangements for signing for the house next week, knitting creme egg chicks....

Obviously the most important is the creme egg chicks - they were from a pattern provided by LemonDrizzleCake's mum (a big thank you) for Hens that would cover a creme egg. I simply knitted in yellow instead and left off the wings and comb.

I tried a different face on the second one - as you can see! Next time I'm going to do a felt beak - (definitely!) and perhaps french knots for the eyes, as the original pattern recommends.

When I did the first chick, I made a little tuft on ite head, which I like better than this 'bald' one, but I couldn't find my no 11 needles and had to use 10s, so it was a bit too big. I made this one on 11s and it's much better.

The next one I make (Mark 3) will have the tuft and a better face, hopefully!

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