Monday, 19 March 2007

One week left!

Only one week left in England now. The removal van comes next Monday (26th March) and I'll be leaving England a day or so later for a new life in France.

Last week I went out to the house with my son, Giles, for the final signing and to make sure everything was OK. It was - the roof is still on and everything tidy. I cut back ivy and brambles over the well so I could bring up water. Don't know if it's drinkable yet, but at least it can be used for washing things or watering plants.
well close

I had decided some time ago to open a brocante at the house - I have one room that would be perfect for it - but it'll take a while. However, I had thought about the advertising and decided to call it La Violette - even bought curling ribbon in shades of purple and pale green to finish off wrapping of the purchases! When I was clearing the brambles at the well one of the first things I found was a clump of perfect, scented, pale mauve violets. Must be fate!

Giles also investigated the outside toilet (it's the only one at present) and it DOES work. I cut back the ivy and brambles here too, so the door can almost shut now! Hope to get something inside by the time winter comes!
toilet distant

Ok, must get packing now....

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