Saturday, 7 April 2007

Well I came out on the 26th March and now it's the 7th April. Doesn't time fly!

I am not living in the house yet, but I should be by some time next week. Last week a carpenter took down the upstairs boards for me and will (hopefully) put up new ones soon...

Meanwhile I am staying with friends. However, I have to get out soon and hope to live in the house once my friend has put in some temporary electrics for me.

I have been taking the plaster off some of the walls, to expose the stone, and because it was mostly falling off anyway. Unfortunately all the wooden uprights (so far) are rotten at the bottom and will have to be replaced.

Getting builders to quote is a problem anywhere and it's no different here. I have rung many, but heard back from none! ...although an electrician who promised to ring back said his starting date (if I accepted the quote) would be September! Not what you really want to hear!

I really want to hear about installing my fosse septique, because I can't have any water until I've got that. It needs planning permission too!

Meanwhile I've got a visit to a reclamation yard planned to get a beam to replace a dodgy one, and then the carpenter can put in the floor.

It's frustrating cos it's Easter and to me that simply means a longer wait before anything happens.

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