Sunday, 15 July 2007

Fosse Septique

More progress on Friday with the septic tank - they dug all the holes and put in the tank itself and the prefilter ...

then dug the hole for the sand and gravel filter ...

...then left me to fill the septic tank with water to the halfway mark, as it was six o'clock on a Friday!

Joan and Alan arrived at Limoges on Saturday and we went out for a meal in the evening to the Cafe Pont de la Pierre in Bellac, down by the river. They had been travelling all day, so we decided to give the fireworks a miss (Bastille Day) as they didn't start until 10.30 pm.

Today (Sunday) Joan and I went around some pretty villages while Alan cut up some wood back at the house. - what a star!

We had a coffee and bought some food at the Sunday market in Mortemart, then went on to Montrol-Senard and Blond. At Montrol Senard I took some pictures in the restored cafe as there were some interesting furnishing ideas there - especially the cupboard and shelves hung from the beams!

Also, a picture of Joan investigating the Cordonnerie.

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