Wednesday, 11 July 2007

July 11th

Another busy day with the diggers working outside and me working inside. Outside the terracing is being done at the back, but they stopped in the afternoon awaiting a visit from M Virandeau to answer a question about drainage from the gutters he put up the other day. There needs to be a pipe that will go under the finished terrace.

While waiting they started on the drainage for the drive, which will extend round the corner of the house. I guess they'll finish the terracing tomorrow, as they can't put in the fosse until they have the levels for the terraces. There will be two flat terraces, ending just after the kitchen door, and the rest will be left as a gentle slope to aid water shedding. There will also be a pierced pipe, in gravel, to take water away from the foundations.

Currently, the view from the kitchen door is not quite as picturesque as it used to be!

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Jason Fist said...

So now it's two terraces not four?