Tuesday, 18 September 2007

18th September

I was out all day on Sunday, with Pat and Edward, neighbours from my hamlet, doing a Vide Grenier. That's a French car boot sale for those who have never been to one. Things sell for a euro or two usually, although there are more expensive items to be had. In France, Vide Greniers often last the whole day, and frequently there is a meal at night that you can put your name down for. Usually there are other events going on too, such as little races and competitions for the local children, and this Sunday's Vide Grenier had a troupe of Limousin clog dancers to spice up the afternoon.
We were there by 8am and packed up at 6 pm, so we were pretty tired. This Sunday there's one at Confolens, which we are going to look at only and see if it might be a possible for next year.

Edward and Patricia usually go out to a local restaurant on a Saturday but this week it was shut, so I invited them to my house for a lasagne. The day was warm and sunny so we ate out on the (soon to be) terrace.

Generally speaking it is autumnal weather now. The mornings are very chilly and the warmth goes out of the day pretty quickly in the evenings. Considering the dire summer we've had, I feel a bit cheated by my first summer in France. Oh well, it can only get better. Not all bad though, the hedges are full of blackberries which are still very tasty. I've got two lots in the freezer already and am going out for more tomorrow if it isn't raining. Also my Hazel hedge is choc-a-bloc with nuts which are also good to eat - NB must get a nutcracker at the next Vide Grenier!

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