Sunday, 8 June 2008

Sunday 8th June 2008

...and Talking of the Garden...

I thought I would mow the lawn today, as I have not used my new motor mower yet. It was cold and wet this morning but this afternoon it is sunny and hot and the grass has all dried out. I trundled the mower round and primed the engine... then pulled and pulled the start cord, but no joy. I have been trying for about half an hour and have finally put it back in the dependances. I am hot and bothered, but the grass is exactly the same as it was! Either I'm just not strong enough, or there is some other knack to it or something I'm just not doing. There doesn't appear to be an on/off switch for the petrol (and it HAS got petrol in) so what can it be? Anyway the mower is in disgrace now, and I'm going back to my knitting!

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