Wednesday, 30 July 2008

IT Expert!

Today I changed the screen on my Sony Vaio laptop and saved myself about 600 euros!
The LCD screen had gone faulty and was not displaying properly, so that I ended up working in 2/3 of the screen:

...and it got worse than this, so that there were other coloured lines between the two main white blocks.

Now it looks like this, with the new screen:

It took me about half- to three-quarters of an hour to change the screen, following instructions e-mailed to me by the engineer in England at Rolta IT Ltd, who I bought it from - over the Internet. The screen cost £158.63, and they did not charge for postage - even out here to France!

Here is a link to their site

I had previously had a quote from Sony which was for at least 800 euros and inolved sending the laptop to Brussels.

So thank you Ash Hanspal from Rolta - you were great!

It's sometimes hard to believe in our greedy consumer-based society that there are still firms who are charging a modest amount for excellent service - I take my hat off to you!


Jason Fist said...

Result! Now you can go out and spend 600 euros on yourself without feeling guilty!

Good for you!

Pearlyqueen said...

Darling, I never feel guilty...