Tuesday, 10 February 2009

After the Storm

There were 15o mile-per-hour winds predicted last night, and we got them! It was hard to sleep with the noise of the wind, and all the beams in the roof were creaking. I thought there'd be more damage in the garden and maybe to the house too when I looked this morning but, apart from some plants in pots blown over and the woodpile denuded of its tarpaulin, there was nothing. Then I noticed these:

My first Spring bulbs! These little purple Iris Reticulata came out with me from England and I love them!


Jason Fist said...

Cool! And cool pics too!

Debra in France said...

They look great. The ones you gave me are in flower too! You take much better pictures than me.


oh i wish mine were flowering over here
the first glimpse of spring in france woop woop
cant wait until the summer to get over