Saturday, 28 March 2009

Trip to the Market

Every Saturday there is an excellent market at Chauvigny, which is about an hour from here. As with all (practically) French markets, it is only on till midday, so you have to set off at a reasonable hour. I got there at 10am, but it was very busy and it took me 15 minutes to park. At one stage parking was gridlocked with a man behind me tooting, a woman to my right trying to reverse and another car coming towards me. Everyone waved (but not in a good way)! Eventually I got out of that carpark and found another and was able to look round the market.

It was a lovely day, although still with a touch of chill, but the sun was out and that makes a huge difference. I tried some prawn beignets, and some pineapple ones too; bought a ginger cake and a lemon cake from an English lady who said it was her first time there; bought a 5 kilo bag of granny smiths (I have one left from my previous purchase at the stall before Christmas) and had a good look round. While I was having a coffee, I took some photos:

The coffee shop also sold bread and cakes and had an artistic display of easter goodies.
I baggsie the blue fish...

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Jason Fist said...

'Artistic display'? More like 'autistic', retina-scorching drive-by shooting.