Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Eat Your Heart Out Snail!

Today is Tuesday - the day the postman brings all the rubbish publicity material and fills up your postbox...

Now for the last few weeks I have avoided this because I had a 'Stop Pub' notice on the box but then it mysteriously vanished. (See this post). Today there was no trace left at all of the Stop Pub notice, and my postbox was full of rubbish that lovely informative publicity material again! So I put it all in the recycling box, printed out and laminated a new Stop Pub notice and stuck it on the postbox.

It is at least 4 times as big as the sticker I had before, and I'm hoping the snail will not even get through the double-sided sticky tape, let alone the heavy plastic laminate. (If it does, I have two more ready!)

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