Sunday, 17 January 2010


Well it IS Sunday, and officially a day of rest. So today I have done almost no crafting (give or take finishing the Noro mittens and starting another pair) but, instead, I have been 'de-crafting' - does that count? It will be part of some later crafting, so I'll just call it Preparation for Crafting and now I feel a lot better. It just seems to take more time to 'de-craft' than to craft.

Let me explain...

It's been a gorgeous day today (although the weather theme I have on my google mail tells me it's snowing in Limoges, my nearest weather centre). I can't believe that - it's like a Spring day here.

Do those fluffy clouds look like snow to you?

Well, anyway, I started to look through some of the boxes of stuff in my dependance (sort of workshop building attached to the house) - like a Spring Cleaning urge (slap, slap - must be feeling poorly!) I suppose - and I found a pair of Laura Ashley curtains - so pretty and well made it would have been a shame to take them apart for the material - so I washed them and hung them on the line to get rid of the musty smell they had acquired after 3 years in a box in an unheated building.

That led me on to sort out some more of my boxes inside and I found a pair of rather small curtains for a child's room, which I decided to de-construct and use the material to make little aprons or bags. They had a blackout lining which I thought might come in useful later too. Once the lining was out I could see that the pattern was called 'Dopey Dogs'. I don't know how old they were but probably 1990s or maybe even 80s?

Actually the pattern shows various animals, not just dogs) performing circus tricks. So they were rather clever dogs actually. The printed selvedge shows the pattern as being a "P R E S T I G I O U S" design (I quote), made of 100% cotton and printed in the United Kingdom. It will make nice bags and aprons, anyway...

...but it is taking a long time to undo all those machined-down edges!

So - that is my 20 mins (considerably more actually) DE-crafting for today.


Wipso said...

I would say you've spent your 20 minutes very well. Mine was spent constructing our new blog shop . . And yes it took a lot more than 20 mins but time well spent :-) A x

marigold jam said...

We always used to find that the meteo for Limoges wasn't accurate for what we accually got weatherwise! Mind you we should have had afternoon rain here but it's been fabulous and a brillianly clear starlit night.

I think your 20 minutes was well spent.


Christy said...

Yes it counts. I've been reading Virginia Woolf, and I know that doesn't count. But does making a 2011 engagement book on Blurb count? I hope so. It is creative.


Twiglet said...

Its great how creative we can all be about being creative!!