Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Boxes, boxes everywhere...

...but they're going today!  Marcus and Tor are coming to help me and we'll load up all 3 cars and take the boxes to Marcus' work's unit, where they'll store them for me until I come back from France.  So far I've packed up 22 boxes, but some stuff can't go until the last minute.

Packing boxes!

When this lot is cleared I can make a start on packing other things - such as the pictures - and filling and touching up the paint on the walls.

Meanwhile, my friend Sue is coming back for a few days - her job finishes today, but her flight is not until the 24th...

Sue M with Droux in the background

She will, of course, be helping with all those lovely jobs  (she offered - honest!)


lily said...

The bunting cross stitch is a pattern in Cross Stitch Magazine. I've been asked to make some cushions to showcase some garden furniture and I just love bunting.

Best of luck with all your packing.
lily x

Joy said...

Okay, a bit confused here... are you moving to another location in the UK or back to France? I'll be checking back to see what you are up to!