Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I love Chocolate

Actually - that's not true.  I'm the only woman I know who DOESN'T like chocolate much.

OK, OK, you can stop reeling around in horror now - it's true.

I USED to like chocolate - bars of chocolate, boxes of chocolate, chocolate cakes, chocolate puddings, all the things you're thinking of (except profiteroles - I never liked those much).

But then I gave it up in an attempt to lose weight many years ago and COMPLETELY lost my taste for it.  Now I rarely fancy it all...

....except for this...

I REALLY enjoy a mug of this every once in a while.  I don't drink it with milk (I'm not a lover of milk - I take my tea black) I just make it with boiling water.  
Actually, milk features in the list of ingredients for this chocolate drink - I'm not sure why, since Green & Black suggest that...

"When added to hot, fresh milk the result is a cocoa-rich chocolate drink with a creamy froth, a rounded flavour provided by the chocolate, and a balanced sweetness...."

It's actually a bit hard to find, apart from in the larger supermarkets, which I rarely go in. 

I got a couple of jars from Budgens in Bishops Waltham, but now they don't have any more and the space on the shelf is occupied by another product...

I tried Barrington's Delicatessen (an excellent coffee shop too!) but they don't stock it and neither of the two (yes two!) little Co-Op stores in the main street have it.

So - what to do?  I don't want to go miles just for this one product - where's the eco-sense in that?  And ordering from the Interweb costs a lot in postage. So, for many weeks, I went without... sob, sob.

But!  FINALLY!  I tried the Co-Op's own brand of Drinking chocolate and found it was every bit as good as Black and Green's (in my opinion), and it contains only two ingredients:  sugar and cocoa!  Great.

Co-op chocolate drink

I'm stocking up with this to take back to France!  All the French stuff in the supermarkets is sickly sweet and disgusting!

It's packed in cardboard drums too, so is light (unlike the heavy brown glass jars of Green and Blacks (who no doubt want to project a solid, tasteful and traditional image).

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