Sunday, 24 April 2011

Fast Food - The Edible Dormouse

In my back garden, it seems I have a rare delicacy.  Pity I'm a vegetarian!

5 dormice

Myoxus glis
(Glis glis)

There are at least 6 of them, but I only managed to photograph 5.  You can just see the head of the fifth one farther along the guttering!

Apparently they were introduced into this country from Europe by Lord Rothschild at the turn of the century, presumably for the following reasons:

  • Myoxus glis is known for its luxuriant fur. 
  • In ancient Rome, its meat was considered a delicacy. In some parts of Europe, the meat of M. glis is still considered a gourmet dish. (Nowak 1991)
They are supposedly nocturnal, but these were out enjoying the hot sun today and actively sunbathing in the guttering.  

Dormice 1

They're in the roof space of a building that belongs to the house next door, thankfully.  I had enough trouble with a couple in France when I first when I first went out there!


Carol said...

They look cute but I probably wouldn't be saying that if they were in my loft!
Carol xx

Claire said...

Oh they are so cute.........

Not sure if I would like to et them though.

Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage said...

Squirrels? They are so cute! I have a zillion that call my yard home! Love 'em! *but not to eat* But I must admit, I have eaten them a few times in stew.....
~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage