Thursday, 26 May 2011

...and it was all Yellow

I didn't like the Wiltshire White, so I went and bought a tin of my favourite Dulux Heritage paint from Eco Entrepôt at Bussiere Poitivine.  I bought 'Sulphur Colour' and I absolutely love it!  So much more cosy than the white.

Wardrobe wall, yellow

Fireplace wall, yellow

And - guess what - the technician turned up yesterday (AN HOUR EARLY!!!!) and fixed the fault before he even got to my door.  It was the telephone line, apparently, I think in the big green box up the road.  Anyway it's great! So now I have telephone AND Internet, and it's so nice to be able to communicate again!

I took that dreadful 3G clé back immediately and got my €59 cheque back! Took my friend Sue with me to Limoges and we had a nice day out in the CORA hypermarket! I got 2 Kilos of strawberries for €6.90 and ate some after my dinner last night and made the rest into puree which I've frozen to have with ice cream when Toria and the children come over next month.

I also got a packet of filler, so I'm going to have a go today at doing some of the bits of wall that need a bit of TLC.

Plaster needed 1

Plaster needed 2


Elizabethd said...

What a huge difference that makes, so warm and much better than the white!

lily said...

I love the warmth of the yellow, so much more cosier.........loved the socks in your last post too.

lily x

Joy said...

Lovely color. Like it better than the white--the white looked cold. I'm wondering what you are doing back in France, not opening another shop? The socks are fantastic, nice colors.