Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Did I mention that I have spent part of the last two days hunting for my copper jam pan?  No? Well I have.

Finally I realised that the only place it could be was the shop (if I hadn't actually sold it when the shop was open)!  So off I went this morning, killing two birds with one stone of course, to get some paint, filler and look for my jam pan.

I had already sussed out that a new one would be over €100 and feelers put out to borrow one had been unproductive.  So I was very happy to find it in the attic at the shop.

copper jam pan

While I was the shop I took some photos of the decorating Jean has done, and which I am very happy with.  These can also be seen on my Chez Penny blog.(Follow the link in my sidebar)

Chez Penny shelves in kitchen

Chez Penny living room

Chez Penny bedroom

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