Monday, 30 May 2011

Refreshing Rain

At last it's raining here.  Slow, steady rain - not too hard, not too soft - just the right kind of rain to do the garden good. I can hear thunder but I hope we don't get a downpour which will simply wash off the garden.

It's been hot and sultry, so I sort-of expected a storm.  The butterflies were flitting round the bramble flowers in their hordes, although it was hard to get pictures...

butterfly on bramble flower

...and the lizards were darting all over the place, as they do.  Yesterday I saw the big, bright lime green one, but the smaller of the two.  The larger one is blue as well as green and very spectacular!

I, of course, have been working inside all day, plastering bits of wall and making a pathetic attempt to clean up the tomettes in the fireplace. The weather is so humid that the wet tiles are not drying at all...


I took this picture about an hour ago and everything is still wet! So far I have only cleaned up the two tiles on the right, as it is such laborious work. But it is one of those jobs that can be done while waiting for other things (such as the plaster) to dry.

The thunder is rumbling overhead, so I may have to shut everything down, in case of a lightning strike!  darned weather!  Why can't we just have straightforward rain?

I went out this morning and bought two tubs of plaster so there would be no repetition of yesterday's disaster, and I have used both tubs and still not finished, so I guess I'll be down at the Bricomarché again tomorrow!  Still, it's beginning to look OK, even if I will never make my living as a professional plasterer.

beginning to look like a wall

plaaster below beam

Little by little, I think I am getting there.  Anyway, it's going to look a whole lot better when the final layer is on and it's all painted!


Elizabethd said...

You are brave to do all that. You might need a dehumidifier to dry the room out after plastering.

Could you send the rain this way please!

Claire said...

Great to hear you finally have some rain and the sort the garden needs. Sounds lovely, rainy days are my favourite.

No doubt the farmers will be very happy too.

All the best with the plastering. All that effort will be well and truly worth it when it's painted and looking fantastic.


GerryART said...

Looks like you're doing a pretty good job. This is great, I get to watch you do the work and I'll enjoy watching and waiting, eagerly.