Saturday, 11 June 2011

Curtain For Me

...just the one...for the middle room.  You saw the material the other day, but now I've decided to do a crochet edging that will go down the edge of the curtain, as it is draped across the window in its 'held-back' position.

I've done two rows of the edging so far - it's a slow business.  It took me two solid hours to put in the first row (only chain loops) what with measuring and using a sharp needle to pierce the fabric in order to get the hook through!

Edging the curtain 1

Now I'm halfway through the second row, and it's starting to look interesting...

Second row of curtain edging

Since I'm making this up as I go along, I'm not sure how deep the edging will be in the end, but I'll keep you posted!

1 comment:

Killiecrankie Farm said...

ah - i wondered what was involved in edging like that !
Maybe i'll start on a face washer :)
But then your curtains look so decadent with the edging its well worth the effort.