Friday, 10 June 2011

Stash from La Tache

When I bought my other house, in a little village called La Tache, near a sweet little town called Adriers, the lady who I bought it from left me some things (although we had a bit of a difference of opinion, and I gave some back, as she wanted me to pay an extra €1,000 for them)!

Anyway, today I went to the house and brought some things back here, partly to clear the house ready for sale, and partly because I can use the things here, or sell them in the shop on the Journée Artisanale.

I brought back a little bed for Molly to sleep on when she comes to stay at the end of June...

Single bed for Molly

..Giselle, who sold me the house, had this bed specially made to fit in an alcove at the house - she was a very small lady!

I brought back a couple of little folding chairs that I thought would sell in the shop...

Folding chair

...and a rug (revolting to me but in very good condition) made of some sort of animal skins sewn together and backed with quilted material...

Animal skin rug

...she was very proud of it (but obviously not enough to keep it)!

I also brought back a couple of white garden chairs in very good condition and a plastic shelving unit, which I think will come in very useful in my dépendances, as I do have a problem in finding things and it would be good to have everything neatly arranged on shelves (am I deluding myself?).

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